Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Welcome To my blog: Faith to Fear

The title of this blog is not a statement about the quality of my faith, but rather the progression that it has undertaken in my life after being "born-again."  Following a two-year drug addiction in high school and the discovery of said addiction by my parents, my so-called life came crashing down around me when an old friend decided to reach out to me regarding accepting Jesus as my savior.  He was the only friend I was allowed to have at the time and I eventually gave in after attending an evening service at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA.  Since that time I have been involved in ministries, attended bible college and yet have "back-slidden" a handful of times in the process.  Most of these incidents were the result of frustration in trying to battle personal sin without any victory to be had.  It has been at least six years now since I have stepped foot in a church, and while I want to still believe, I have nagging suspicions and recollections that lead me to believe that I wasted 20 years of my life on complete bullshit.

The purpose of this blog is not to bash Christianity or elevate atheism, but rather to share my experiences, voice my concerns regarding what I have noticed and ultimately search for a final verdict on the truth.  I invite everyone to join along with me on this journey whether you believe or don't and perhaps help shape the outcome in the comments section.  I have decided that I am either going to come out of this journey as a complete atheist or an authoritative expert in Christian apologetics.  I know that there will be many debates in the comment section as we take this journey, I only ask that we approach this in a respectful manner and avoid ad hominem whenever possible.  I thank you all for hearing me out and taking this journey with me!

- Raul

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