Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Banana: Atheists Worst Nightmare?

       When I was an outgoing, bible toting Christian that would most likely approach you to talk about Jesus, I carried a track (religious pamphlet) that was geared towards making atheism seem foolish.  One of the arguments was titled "The Banana: Atheists Worst Nightmare."  The argument states that since the banana has a non-slip, perforated peel for easy opening, curved towards the mouth and has mouth shaped fruit, that it is a clear example of intelligent design.  I used to think this was so clever, until I used my brain.

       While the fruit may provide convenience to humans and primates alike, does it really point to the existence of an intelligent creator?  At first I thought no.  If it did point to an intelligent creator, then why aren't all fruits shaped like the banana?  Have you ever tired eating a mango?  A pineapple?  A coconut?  Not easy endeavors whatsoever.  So why would a god in his infinite wisdom choose to make one fruit convenient to eat while others are problematic?  If anything, I would think this would point towards random mutation.  Alas, the Christians were right.  The banana is solid evidence of intelligent design.  But the design does not originate from god but rather the cultivation of mankind over thousands of years.  The wild banana is anything but user friendly and completely shuts down the argument at hand.

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